Charming…Leah Faith…her singing and writing is honest and pure, vulnerable at times, yet her message is strong. She weaves rich, light vocals into heavy tones, provokes thoughts into painting pictures, and turns deep lyrics into transparent sounds. Her warm voice is a unique experience which creates eternal memories.

“I view my personal sound as a Coney Island sideshow tent. It’s an enticing mixture of pictures and words with an uncanny ability to enlighten, surprise and create lasting memories for all who happen to stumble upon it,”
Leah says.

Creative…Leah Faith took a hands-on approach to her second album, Color of Glory. Her album includes intimate songs written from her own personal experiences, struggles and visions. Titles include: “Color of Glory,” “Great Awakening,” “Rain Stay,” “My Dove” and “Iron Scepter.” Each song was written and composed with one question in mind, “If God’s glory had a color, what color would it be?”

“The subtle shades of Leah Faith’s voice are rich and compelling… Her songwriting is passionate and honest,”Dave Rivers, Songwriter, says.

Strong…With a smile as big as her voice, Leah recorded her first album, Breaking Free in 2007. During the process of developing Breaking Free, Leah discovered her voice to combine messages and songs together leading her to launch Amazing Grace Ministries. In her ministry, Leah uses songs from her first album, Girl in the Mirror, Amazing and Faith, to reach young ladies every month at the Chalkville Detention Center in Chalkville, Alabama. She also volunteers as a mentor/counselor at her local Crisis Pregnancy Center and works with potter/teacher, Kim Swafford, to combine the principles of pottery with music for a heartfelt message, Potter and The Clay. Her mission is that all can know Jesus and be set free.

“Leah Faith is a living testimony to the songs she sings. Her music is a reflection of her personal and passionate love for Jesus and genuine love for people,”Ronnie Bruce, Host-93.7 WDJC Birmingham.