2011 Praisefest- JAMAICA!!!!

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It’s been forever since my last blog! Life has been extremely busy! However, I have to say, THIS IS THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!!

It might be 98 degrees in the deep south with 100% humidity, but its not stopping me!

Just recently I embarked on my first cruise! It was quite an experience and not the stereotypical cruise! Actually, it goes down in the record books as being the largest “mission” cruise in the entire world! Over 3,000 people!!! Everyone had one mission in mind: to go into the schools of Jamaica singing and spreading joy.

I had the privilege to lead several teams! I also had the opportunity to sing and love several school children! My heart continues to be excited about the work God is doing!

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The end of 2010!!!

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I ended my year with a trip to Africa!!!! I was incredibly blessed by the people and hope to go back again! It is a personal mission of mine to travel the world and spread a message of hope and encouragment through songs!!! For God has so blessed me, and in return I want to bless others!

So this year, I was invited to go to Africa and sing at a women’s conference in Mombasa, Kenya! Our little church was packed from wall to wall with women who were ready to worship and were hungry to learn! I was encouraged to see so many delightful hearts gather all in one place! The praises that were sung everyday brought a smile to my face and I couldn’t help but dance and sing with the women in Mombasa!

DAY 1:

We had over 25 different tribes represented in Mombasa, and the ladies traveled for miles, and some DAYS, to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! The ladies pictured below are from the Maasai tribe of Kenya. They traveled for miles and miles, and once they arrived they wanted to stand in front of the ladies and sing a song of praise! I have to say, I CRIED! Everyone had such sweet spirits that continually wanted to praise and sing songs !!!!

And the dear sister “Priscilla” pictured on the far left down below, wanted to testify on the first day as well! She stood and told the ladies she WAS ill. She and her traveling friend both came down with a stomach flu which can be VERY serious in Africa! She ended up having to leave her friend at the hospital in Nairobi. However, Priscilla decided she would continue to travel to Mombasa! So Priscilla showed up and was instantly HEALED as soon as she came into the church! She stated her dizziness and sickness was instantly gone! Bwana Asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!!!)

After time of testimony, food, and fellowship, we moved into a time of teaching! I had the privilege of speaking to about 30 different ladies. Some were college students and some were young, married ladies! It was VERY hot and humid so we all gathered together under the shade of a Mango tree and allowed the breeze to cool us. We had a great time and talked about the treasure we have in Jesus Christ! Basically the teaching was this: we are the vessel and it is the power of the Holy Spirit that makes the vessel important and nothing else! Our treasure lies in Jesus and nothing else! It was a powerful time!!! Many questions were asked. I had questions from “If you can’t bare children, should you see the witch doctor?” to “How do you deal with a difficult mother-in-law?” to “What are the American rules for dating?” LOL…GREAT time!!!

Here are some of the college students I bonded with: (pictured left to right) Joy, Elsie, Me, Agnus, and Doris!

DAY 2:

My pastor’s wife, Diana Williams, was one of the speakers at the conference. On the second day, Ms. Diana and I passed out friendship bracelets our ladies had made for the ladies of Kenya. We challenged the ladies to find a friend they did not come with, exchange bracelets, and pray for one another! The bracelets were to act as a reminder to pray for each other! Down below are pictures of the ladies praying for each other! The Holy Spirit REALLY ministered during this time and there was such a sweet spirit in the church! You’ll feel it when you see the pics!

OH Yeah!!! Over the past 3 days, I had the chance to sing and lead praise and worship!! AWESOME!!!

After worship, we packed up and headed to the beach where you could walk for about a mile in ankle deep water!

DAY 3:

This was the final day of the conference and the praise and worship was booming! The children danced and sang, and worship was moving!

I hope the pictures of my personal adventure will INSPIRE and encourage you no matter where you are in the world!

This trip opened my eyes to this truth: People all around the world NEED Jesus and want to experience hope in a hopeless and pain stricken world!

Love to you all and hello to all my new, dear friends in KENYA!!! Thank you for your kindness, friendship and generosity! If we never meet again on earth, may we all meet together again in Heaven!


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“Color of Glory”

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Oct. 9th, 2010 was a GREAT day for me! Even though the Crimson Tide lost to South Carolina, I had a wonderful time with my band, NuRoads Band, and my producer, Roger Ryan!

It was a wonderful night! I had three great artist open the show with worship: Spero, Brooke Bowman, and Carson Bruce! Plus, it was great to work with my back-up singers and Choir of friends once again…

Here are a few pictures and names of special people apart of the show:

Me with band Spero and Carson Bruce (Middle)

Me with Brooke Bowman, Nathan Dodd, Carson Bruce and friends

Me with 93.7 WDJC Mid-day host Ronnie Bruce

(Left to Right) Producer and Music Director, Roger Ryan, Me, and Organist Virgil Straford

(From Right to Left) Connie Boulangger, Me, Manney, and Connie’s Mom

Special thanks to my chior and back up singers pictured above:

Back-up singers: Joslyn Ford-Keel, Jeremy Kelsey, and Olivia Mack
Chior: Brian Hatchett, Danielle Snelling, Darci Steward, Darnell Nolin, Devonne Fowlkes, Kendra Kinnie, Kenneth Phillips, Markeya Douglas, and Fallon Settles.

Also, special thanks:

Band Members:
Music Director, Roger Ryan
Keys. Markus Perry
Lead Guitar, Bryan Clark
Organist, Virgil Straford
Drums, JJ Hodges
Bass, Stacey Coake

Sound and Engineering:
Chris Rainwater
Curtis Champion
Jeremy Smith

Husband, Randy Knotts
Randy Hopper
Trent Burkett

Pastor Randy Williams
Melissa Williams

So many special people were apart of the show! I love and appreciate all of them!

The most special part of the evening was singing “Girl in the Mirror.” It was such a special and intimate time! I was able to tell my story and encourage others to allow God to set them free of the personal struggles they may be going through!


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